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how to maintenance the several large pieces of the roll formingHorizontal arching machine machine

2021-03-25 08:45:57

how to maintenance the several large pieces of the roll forming machine

I bought a machine must know the maintenance method tile press in several parts, and now we take a look at several methods to maintain a large part of what are:
First, the hydraulic circuit.
Tile press as hydraulic systems should also be checked after repairs,
1. Check the oil tank every week. Oil level is below the oil window filling the hydraulic oil should be. Not exceed 70
2. The oil temperature should be between 35 ~ 60  Tile press manufacturers such as it can cause damage to the oil metamorphosis and accessories.
3. The machine used hydraulic oil ISOHM46 or MOBILDTE25.
After every oil change should be after 4000 hours of work, 4 new machine should be oil change after 2,000 hours of work. Each oil change, the tank should be cleaned.
Second, hydraulic components.

You can not use detergents;
1. Monthly clean hydraulic components (substrate, valves, motors, pumps, tubing, etc.) to prevent dirt from entering the system. Check tile press each pipe bend without deformation,
2. one month after the new machine. If an exception should be replaced after two months of use, should be at all fastening parts, this work should be shut down, no pressure system.
Three filters.
Filters should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned.
1. every oil change. Automation tile Octagonal Tube Making Machinepress every three months to check cleaning,
2. The air filter on the tank. The best 1-year replacement. It should be replaced.
3. The relevant alarm or machine oil filter is not clean, and other abnormalities

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