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Material Features C-beam machine and equipment to improve workflow procesOmega Roll Forming Machines

2021-03-25 08:46:01

Material Features C-beam machine and equipment to improve workflow processes and shoe machines
C-beam machine is a hydraulic power, and great power, usually around 22KW, similar to shearing bending machine, general control process is complex, the use of PLC control.
C-beam machine workflow
From the end of the strip into the device, via a variety of pressing roll into a C-beam machine sent from the head. Traditional process, after the C-shaped steel pressing need to manually intercept fixed length, and then transported to the punching device in accordance with customer requirements size drilling, production can not be continuous, not efficient. Production process through incremental improvements, and ultimately achieve the whole process automatic control of the Pentium progressed production efficiency, increase the technological content and added value of the client device.

C-beam machine profiles belong efficient and economical cutting surface (there are other cold-formed thin-walled steel, pressure plate, etc.), since the sectional shape of justice, they can make steel more play to the performance, progress Load carrying capacity. Unlike ordinary beam is H-shaped wings of embroidered were widened, and inner and outer surfaces generally parallel, so that makes it easy to connect with high strength screw Gui, and other components. Constitute reasonable sized series, model range, ease of design choice.
C-shaped steel machine equipment to improve the process in three steps.
1, increasing the length measuring device and flying saw, when pressed length reaches the set length flying saw action, automatically cut off profiles.
2, plus a dozen side hole hydraulic punching equipment, punching four holes at once, flying saw from the middle to intercept, so that two adjacent C-shaped steel became the head end of each two side holes.
3, hit the hole and then adding a device, the strip pressing process set by the user out of the hole spacing, the maximum it can play 16 holes in. The fourth step iwall panel forming machinemprovements, the requirements for the new C-shaped steel profiles shot holes in the middle of the requirements of the side hole 4 hole 2 hole punching die to die, modify the program to fight side hole, making side hole punching device capable of double play in the middle hole and pitch set by user, maximum 8 groups can play two holes.

Broken C Purlines roll forming machine

1. corrosion, anti-aging, long service life
2. silencers, thermal insulation performance especially in terms of where the United States raised 2.2mm thick plate fluoroplastic insulation performance of 2200 times the steel tile 0.5mm thick.
3. Seismic seven, twelve wind;
4. Install low cost Color Pressed machine mounting hole stretch without reservation direct drilling fixed, convenient and quick. No follow-up maintenance costs

Tile press apparatus comprising: a machine, PLC computer control system, special cutting system, hydraulic system Professional
1, equipment installation shape and size: 6200mm — 1350mm — 1300mm
2, the electronic control system: The whole machine adopts industrial computer PLC control
3, the host power: 3kw Computer Cut Power: 3kw
4. Working speed: 8000mm / min
5, hydraulic pressure: 10-12Mpa

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